1. Initial Consultation.

Your first consultation is free and without obligation. The initial interview can take up to 1 ½ hours, depending on the complexity of your situation.

During this interview your Personal Investment Centre Adviser will be looking at:

- Your place within the life-cycle - i.e. still building assets, close to retirement or retired - Your goals - short-term, medium-term and long-term - Your current savings plan - Employer super scheme, etc. - Your estate planning -does it cover your needs and objectives* - Your risk covers - do they meet your needs*

* Personal Investment Centre does not prepare Estate or Risk Plans but can work direct with your provider to ensure your requirements are being met.

2. Plan Preparation.

From your initial consultation your Personal Investment Centre Adviser will prepare an investment plan to cover your specific needs, goals and objectives. They will then meet with you to go over their recommendations and answer any questions

3. Implementation.

Your investment portfolio will be placed through an administration system, Aegis Limited. The Aegis service comprises two companies; Aegis Limited and Investment Custodial Services Limited (ICSL), the custodian. The system was designed and operated specifically for the New Zealand Market and administers over $16bn across more than 19,000 investor portfolios more... Personal Investment Centre does not charge upfront fees when using the Aegis administration system more... 

4. Portfolio Management and Review.

You will receive written quarterly reviews of your investment portfolio, which will typically contain:

  • Current value
  • Performance reports for the quarter, yearly and since inception
  • Transaction reports
  • Cash reports

Comprehensive and Concise Tax Summaries are prepared annually (to suit your tax year end). Personal Investment Centre can work directly with your Accountant / Tax Consultant, if you to prefer, to make this process easier for you.

Our Location

Personal Investment Centre

Personal Investment Centre
97 Rangitikei Street
Palmerston North 4410
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Personal Investment Centre advisers are members of Financial Advice New Zealand.