Personal Investment Centre may charge a plan fee ranging from $500 - $1,000 plus GST (dependent on the complexity of your situation). Should you then choose to implement your plan with Personal Investment Centre through the Aegis System your plan fee will be waived.

Personal Investment Centre does not charge upfront fees, when using the Aegis System, but has an annual fee charge (dependent on your total investment portfolio size). Fees are typically 1.00%pa, no entry or exit fees are applied.

There are a number of off-sets to the total fees:

  • Some fund managers pay an ongoing trail fee (usually on retail products at around 0.25%) where these exist in your portfolio we pay them to your cash account.
  • Share broker fees for buying and selling shares and/or tradeable bonds are obtained for you via Aegis at very good discounts. Any rebates of brokerage on these transactions are paid back to your cash account within the system.
  • By utilising wholesale fund products vs. retail products in most cases we provide you with a considerable savings in the internal costs the mangers charge. This does not readily show in your fees but becomes a distinct advantage in performance (net of managers' fees).
  • Your Adviser and Administration fees charged (including Aegis fees) may be tax deductible; effectively reducing your fees by a similar amount to your personal tax rate.

Our Location

Personal Investment Centre

Personal Investment Centre
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Personal Investment Centre advisers are members of Financial Advice New Zealand.