What is the best investment?

This is the most commonly asked question of a Financial Planner. Qualified Financial Planners cannot answer this effectively without a significant amount of background - how old are you? At what stage are your children? What is your present income? What are your retirement plans? What is your tax position? Is your house mortgage free? etc.

Whether you are saving for retirement or are already there a competent planner may highlight factors you have not taken into consideration. The range of investment products today is so wide it is a considerable task to locate the right mix of product and selection of investment types most suitable for a particular client.

Personal Investment Centre uses a range of research options. We work in conjunction with a collective of other experienced Certified Financial Planning practitioners (The Independent Adviser Alliance) to source and select best in class investment for our clients. Each practitioner has input into a collective research process, which utilises information from specialist providers with additional input from industry experts.

  • Independent economic overview
  • Managed fund research house
  • Share broker contacts for both shares and bonds
  • Independent analysis

Personal Investment Centre is not aligned to any product provider and has access to a wide range of wholesale and retail investments.